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This section establishes a process for review and approval of certain uses that are intended to be of limited duration of time and will not permanently alter the character or physical facilities of the site where they occur.

A. Applicability. Uses for which a temporary use permit is required are established in Chapter 18.120 MCC, Standards for Specific Uses.

B. Permit Procedures.

1. Application. Any person may apply to the zoning administrator for approval of a temporary use not more than 90 days and not less than 45 days before the use is intended to begin accompanied by payment of the required fee.

2. Required Findings. The zoning administrator may approve an application for a temporary use permit to allow a temporary use for a period of time, only upon making all of the following findings:

a. The proposed use will not unreasonably affect or have a negative impact on adjacent properties, their owners and occupants, or the surrounding neighborhood, and will not in any other way constitute a nuisance or be detrimental to the health, safety, peace, comfort, or general welfare of persons residing or working in the area of such use or to the general welfare of the city;

b. The proposed use is consistent with a land use permitted by the present zoning district within which the site is located, or a land use considered permitted by a zoning district listed in the general plan as being consistent with the general plan land use designation of the site;

c. The proposed use will not unreasonably interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic or circulation in the area surrounding the proposed use, and will not create a demand for additional parking that cannot be safely and efficiently accommodated by existing parking areas; and

d. Appropriate controls are in place that will ensure the premises will be kept clean, sanitary, free of litter, and all circulation and parking surfaces will include a suitable dust-controlled surface.

C. Conditions of Approval. In approving a temporary use permit, the zoning administrator may impose reasonable conditions deemed necessary to achieve the findings for a temporary use permit listed above, including but not limited to:

1. Regulation of vehicular ingress and egress and traffic circulation;

2. Regulation of dust-controlled surfaces;

3. Regulation of lighting;

4. Regulation of hours, total number of events/duration for the permit, and other characteristics of operation;

5. Submission of final plans to ensure compliance with conditions of approval;

6. Requirement of a public hearing held by the zoning administrator for his/her approval;

7. Requirement of bonds or other guarantees for cleanup or removal of structure or equipment; and

8. Such other conditions as the zoning administrator my deem necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of this chapter.

D. Public Notification. Notice of the proposed temporary use permit shall be posted on the subject property for a period of 15 days. Notice shall also be mailed to property owners within 600 feet of the property boundaries proposed for the temporary use, in accordance with MMC 18.140.050(F)(1) and (F)(3). Additional notification may be required at the zoning administrator’s discretion.

E. Effective Dates.

1. Permit Period 45 Days or Less. A temporary use permit issued for 45 days or less shall become effective on the date the permit is approved by the zoning administrator.

2. Permit Period More Than 45 Days. A temporary use permit for more than 45 days shall become effective seven days from the date the permit is approved by the zoning administrator. [Ord. 24-01 § 2; Ord. 14-12 § 1; Ord. 19-05 § 4; Ord. 14-12 § 1; Res. 14-36 § 504.08.]