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A. Repealed by Ord. 22-18.

B. Protested Applications for Zoning Map Amendment Requiring Supermajority of City Council to Pass. If the owners of 20 percent or more either of the area of lots included in a proposed zoning map amendment, or of those immediately adjacent in the rear or any side thereof extending 150 feet therefrom, or of those directly opposite thereto, extending 150 feet from the street frontage of the opposite lots, file a protest in writing against such an action, it shall not become effective except by the favorable vote of three-fourths of all members of the city council. Such written protests shall be filed in the office of the director by no later than 12:00 noon on the Monday or Tuesday (if Monday is a holiday) of the week prior to the city council meeting at which such amendment will be considered. If any members of the city council are unable to vote on such a question because of a conflict of interest, then the required number of votes for passage of the question shall be three-fourths of the remaining members of the city council; provided, that such required number of votes shall in no event be less than a majority of the full membership of the city council.

C. Action. After the conclusion of any necessary hearing, the city council may approve, modify or disapprove the proposed zoning map or code amendment. The city council may condition its approval of any zoning map amendment. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to: conditions to assure implementation of the submitted plan in accordance with the general plan, and other applicable policies and plans adopted by the city; conditions to achieve the purpose and intent of the requested zoning district; conditions to achieve reasonable compatibility with the proposed use and adjacent land uses; and additional or different approval processes as may be required by this code.

D. Findings. Prior to approval of the proposed amendments, the city council shall make the following findings:

1. The amendment(s) is consistent with the general plan;

2. Any change in district boundaries is necessary to achieve the balance of land uses desired by the city, consistent with the general plan, and to increase the inventory of land within a given zoning district; and

3. The amendment will promote the growth of the city in an orderly manner and protect the public health, safety, peace, comfort and general welfare.

E. Public Notification. Following the council action, the city shall make the documents amending the zoning code and map, including the diagrams and text, available for public inspection.

F. Emergency Zoning Changes Prohibited. A decision made by the council involving rezoning of land which changes the zoning classification of such land may not be enacted as an emergency measure and such a change shall not be effective for at least 30 days after final approval of the change in classification by the council. [Ord. 22-18 § 2; Res. 22-37; Ord. 14-12 § 1; Res. 14-36 § 509.05.]