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A. Permitted Uses.

1. Permitted uses shall be established by the approved PAD plan. Land uses within a PAD District must be consistent with the General Land Use Plan, land use category definitions, and policies of the Maricopa general plan.

2. No use other than the uses called out within a PAD District shall be permitted and any use not listed within the PAD is considered a nonpermitted use. Adding a new permitted use shall be reviewed administratively for meeting the intent of the PAD or shall go through the PAD amendment process as determined by the zoning administrator.

B. Residential Unit Density. The total number of dwelling units in a PAD plan shall not exceed the maximum number permitted by the general plan density for the total area of the PAD designated for residential use, excluding public facilities and permanent open space which is restricted from development by recorded covenants.

C. Other Development Regulations. General standards and regulations of other applicable city ordinances and regulations, including, but not limited to, the city drainage ordinance, floodplain management ordinance, MCC Title 17, Subdivisions, and Design Standards Manual shall not be amended by the PAD unless approved by the city engineer.

1. In considering a proposed PAD, the commission and/or city council, with recommendation by the zoning administrator, may approve modifications of these provisions. Justification for such modification shall be supplied by the applicant in written form as part of the application submittal. [Res. 22-37; Ord. 22-18 § 2; Res. 21-09; Ord. 21-05 § 2; Res. 20-31; Ord. 20-11 §2(207.07). Formerly 18.60.040.]