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All applications for a PAD District shall be prepared and reviewed in accordance with this title and the applicable provisions of MCC Title 17, Subdivisions, the city of Maricopa Parks, Trails and Open Space Master Plan and all other applicable policies of the city. Once a PAD plan has been approved through the zoning procedures established in Chapter 18.180 MCC, all future improvements on the property governed by the PAD plan shall follow the standards and approval criteria in Division 5, Chapters 18.135 through 18.190 MCC, Administration and Permits, unless specifically modified by the approved PAD plan. No project may be approved and no building permit issued unless the project, alteration, or use is consistent with the approved PAD plan. [Res. 22-37; Ord. 22-18 § 2; Res. 21-09; Ord. 21-05 § 2; Res. 20-31; Ord. 20-11 §2(207.08). Formerly 18.60.060.]