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A. Swimming pools and spas located in any zoning district must be developed in compliance with the following standards:

1. Exclusive Use. If located in a rural or residential district, the swimming pool or spa is to be solely for the use and enjoyment of residents and their guests, unless it is associated with a golf course or resort.

2. Filtration Equipment. Swimming pool or spa filtration equipment and pumps shall not be located in the front or street side yard. All pool/spa filtration equipment shall be mounted and enclosed so that its sound is in compliance with Chapter 18.110 MCC, Performance Standards.

3. Pool Setbacks. Pool setbacks from water edge to lot perimeter barrier/fence shall be a minimum of three feet from the water.

Figure 18.80.120.A.3. Pool Setbacks

4. Enclosure. Refer to current adopted building codes for minimum barrier requirements. [Ord. 24-01 § 2; Res. 21-09; Ord. 21-05 § 2; Ord. 14-12 § 1; Res. 14-36 § 401.12.]