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A. The specific purpose of the Planned Area Development (PAD) District is to provide opportunities for creative and flexible development approaches that accommodate, encourage, and promote innovatively designed developments involving a mixture of residential and/or nonresidential land uses not prescribed within the zoning districts of the city.

B. This zoning designation recognizes that adherence to the bulk and use specifications contained elsewhere in this title would prevent the application of such unique developments. Therefore, where PAD zoning is deemed appropriate or necessary, traditional zoning regulations are replaced by standards and design which fulfill the objectives of the Maricopa general plan.

C. The PAD zoning designation may be tailored to meet the specific development representations of an applicant, relative to permitted uses, design standards, and other details. Hence, a single PAD District may vary considerably from another district as they are evaluated and reviewed individually in accordance to their respected standards within.

D. Such a planned development may be designed as a large-scale separate entity, able to function as an individual community, neighborhood, or mixed use development; as a small-scale project which requires flexibility because of unique site circumstances or design characteristics; or as a transitional area between dissimilar land uses. [Res. 22-37; Ord. 22-18 § 2; Res. 21-09; Ord. 21-05 § 2; Res. 20-31; Ord. 20-11 §2(207.01).]